OMF Members

Welcome to the Open Mobility Foundation Members website. The site offers information for current and future OMF Members and Contributors. This site:

Explains the organization of OMF, and the different ways in which individuals and organizations can get involved. Since OMF just launched, this describes the model codified in the initial Bylaws.

Over the next few months, the OMF Board of Directors and Technology Council will develop additional material, including the Architectural Landscape, which will establish the Working Groups and Committees needed to meet the OMF goals.

Provides a library of resources for the OMF community. These include the Bylaws and related documents, such as forms for membership and licenses.

This collection will expand to include tutorial and training materials, as well as case studies and documentation related to OMF software systems.

Describes the process of getting involved in OMF.

How cities and companies can become Foundation Members.

How individuals can become Contributors with the support of their employers.

The detailed procedures can be found in how join the Open Mobility Foundation.