Individual contributors do the work of creating the deliverables from the Open Mobility Foundation’s Working Groups and Committees. This includes developing open software, writing documentation, and creating model city documents for policy, procurement and compliance.

Most Contributors are employees or representatives of Member organizations. However anyone can contribute to the work of OMF, and there is no requirement for a Contributor to work for a Member organization. It is necessary to register as a Contributor through the Contributor sign up  process, to confirm:

You accept the OMF Participation Policy set forth in the Bylaws of the OMF, including the Code of Conduct.

You accept the terms of the Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA) link, and that your employer has accepted the Entity Contributor License Agreement. This certifies that you have the right to contribute your intellectual property to the Foundation, and that it can be licensed and redistributed as open source for general use.

Each Contributor must sign up individually, even if they are is affiliated with a Member organization.

Once you have signed up as a Contributor, you can then join Working Groups and Committees. Link to WG sign up page. Some Working Groups or Committees may have have specific requirements for becoming a Contributor to that group. These restrictions are described in the Charter of the Working Group or Committee.