Create a Collaboration Account

You need a Collaboration account on the OMF Collaboration site to join groups that are relevant to your work in OMF.

Note: The user interface for this process is different depending on the device you are using. These instructions are based on a web interaction. 


1. Go to the OMF Collaboration site. This will bring you to the main group on the OMF collaboration site. Click the button Join this Group.

2. On the page that appears, enter your email address and click the button Confirm Email Address.

If you receive a message indicating your email address is already in use, you probably already have an account. Login instead. Go to step 6, to update your profile.

3. You will receive an email to confirm your account creation.

4. Select Confirm Account in the email message, which will take you a page on the OMF Collaboration site.

5. Enter a Password, and click the Set Password button.

6. The next page has a list of options. Pick Edit your profile.

7. On the next page, there are a list of options on the left. Select Identity.

8. There may be more than one Profile listed. Select the one with the title Account Profile and click the Edit button. Changes made here will be used in any other profiles you have.

9. Set these fields:

Bio – Enter your organization’s name. You may also add additional personal information
Location – your organization’s location
Display name – a name that will appear on screen interactions
Website – the URL for your organization’s main website
If a contributor
User Name – enter your github handle

10. Click the button Update Account Profile.

You will receive an email from the main group confirming your subscription. You are now able to join other OMF groups.