Join a Group

The OMF Collaboration Site is where people in OMF can work together.  Each group or committee has its own collaboration group, starting with a top level group called main, in which all are included.  When you subscribe to a subgroup, you can send and receive email messages within that group. You can also view those discussions in the web interface. You should join a group when you are going to be an active participant in the group.

Some groups have restrictions on who can subscribe. For example, only people on the Board of Directors can subscribe to the Board of Directors subgroup. Some committees may have restrictions on their membership. When you subscribe to a group, that request will be reviewed and you will receive a notification of the approval of your subscription.

Before you start

To join a subgroup, you must have a Collaboration account. If you don’t have one yet, create a Collaboration account.

If you plan to join a Working Group or a Committee, you must become a Contributor. See Contributor Sign Up.

Join a subgroup

Go to the OMF Collaboration site and login. You should be at the home page of the Main group.

On the left menu, select Subgroups. There is a list of the subgroups that you already belong to, and those that you can subscribe to.

Select the subgroup you want to join.

Review the information on the subgroup’s home page, and click the button to subscribe. Depending on the group the button is  Join this Group or Apply for Membership in this Group.

Note: You should only subscribe to subgroups you will work in. All technical work and almost all OMF groups are archived publicly and open to read, so you do not need to subscribe to follow a group’s progress.

You will receive an email that acknowledges your subscription request.

You will receive another email when your subscription is approved.