Join OMF


OMF Contributors are individuals who contribute work to the Open Mobility Foundation. They may work on open source software development in a Working Group, or create policy and recommendations in Committees. Often, they work for an OMF Member  organization.


OMF Members are organizations that participate in the work of the OMF.

Public Members represent government organizations that manage traffic on public right of way for a particular jurisdiction.

Non-Public Members represent organizations which do not qualify as a Public Member, such as a mobility as service provider or a service organization.

Entity CLA

Most Members will sign an Entity Contributor License Agreement (Entity CLA). This agreement assigns the license rights of work for work done by your employees as Contributors to OMF .

Occasionally, an organization that is not a Member will also need to accept an Entity CLA.

Raj is researcher for a university, working on mobility patterns, who has been asked to join an OMF Committee. The university is not a Member, but is willing for Raj to participate in OMF work. The university accepts an Entity CLA  so  that the ideas shared by the researcher can become part of the OMF body of work.

If you are not a Member or Contributor

For certain activities, you don’t need to be a member or contributor.

As an open source foundation, the Open Mobility Foundation makes much of its work publicly available: its code, policy and process recommendations, and other approved Foundation work. You do not need to become a Member or Contributor to see or use its published works.

The OMF process is also transparent, and you can review source code on GitHub, or mail messages and meeting minutes for OMF activities on the OMF Collaboration site.