Contributor SIGN UP

There are three steps to becoming a Contributor to the Open Mobility Foundation. Details on each step are provided below.

1. Preparation
2. Create a Collaboration account
3. Join the Contributors group

1.  Preparation

When you sign up as an OMF Contributor, you accept a set of rules and policies which govern participation in the OMF.  The two most important are the Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA), which describes how your contributions are licensed to the OMF, and the OMF Participation Policies,  which includes the Code of Conduct and other policies. You should review these documents before you proceed. When you click through to join the Contributors group on the OMF Collaboration site, you are indicating that you accept all of the terms in them.

OMF Participation Policies

In most cases, an individual contributor will work for or represent an organization under a contract that affects your intellectual property rights. Before you accept the Individual Contributor License Agreement, you should make sure that your employer has signed an Entity Contributor License Agreement (Entity CLA), indicating that its employees are cleared to become OMF Contributors. Organizations which join the OMF as Members generally sign the ECLA as part of their application process, so your OMF representative should be able to provide the necessary information.

If you do not have a GitHub account, create one. You will enter your GitHub handle in the Collaboration Account creation.

2.  Create a Collaboration Account

The OMF Collaboration site is used to coordinate efforts within Committees and Working Groups in OMF, using mailing lists, calendars, and wiki. More about how the OMF Collaboration site works.

Each individual participating in OMF must create a Collaboration account.

Follow the steps in Create a Collaboration Account.

3. Join the Contributors group

Once you have created your Collaboration account, you must join the Contributors group. By joining the Contributors group, you accept the terms of the ICLA and OMF Participation Policies.

Follow the steps in Join a Group.