There are six steps to becoming a Non-Public Member of the Open Mobility Foundation. Details on each step are provided below.

1. Review the OMF Bylaws and Application Form
2. Complete and submit your application
3. OMF Staff reviews and approves your application, and will generate an invoice.
4. Create a Collaboration account for your organization’s representative
5. OMF Staff completes your registration process
6. Inform Contributors in your organization

1.  Review the OMF Bylaws and Application Form

The OMF is governed by its Bylaws. You should read the following documents, and have them reviewed by any appropriate groups in your organization. By signing and submitting the Application Form, you are accepting the Bylaws on behalf of your organization.

In most cases, an OMF Member organization will want to contribute to the work of the OMF, and will designate employees or other representatives who will sign up as Contributors to the OMF. In order for these Contributors to act on behalf of your organization, they will have to accept the Individual Contributor License Agreement and you will have to sign an Entity Contributor License Agreement. For simplicity, we ask you to submit an Entity CLA with your Application. These documents can be found here.

Non-Public Members pay annual dues, which are described in Appendix C of the Bylaws. The annual dues are also on the Non-Public Member application. If there is any inconsistency between two documents, Appendix C is the authoritative information.

2. Submit your application

Download and complete the Non-Public Member Application.  This may be completed electronically or printed, signed, and scanned

Similarly, complete the Entity CLA.

Submit the Non-Public Member Application and Entity CLA by emailing them to

3. OMF Staff reviews your application

The OMF Staff will review your application, and follow up with you if there are any issues to resolve.

You will receive an email when your application has been approved.

Your organization will be invoiced for the applicable dues.

4.  Create a Collaboration account 

The OMF Collaboration site is used to coordinate efforts within Committees and Working Groups in OMF, using mailing lists, calendars, and wiki. The representative for each Member organization must have an account, which will be subscribed to a number of groups. This will allow the OMF Staff and Board of Directors to communicate with Members. More about how the OMF Collaboration site works.

Use the information for the representative on the Non-Public Member application and follow the steps in Collaboration Account Creation.

5. OMF Staff completes registration

The OMF Staff will subscribe your organization’s representative to the appropriate collaboration groups.
All Non-Public Member representatives will be subscribed to

Non-Public Member
Entity CLA group

You will receive a email about each group to which you are subscribed.

6. Inform your Team

Notify each member of your organization who will participate in a Working Group or Committee of the OMF to sign up as a Contributor. Give them the Location and Website URL you used in the membership application. They will have to provide this information when they create their Collaboration accounts.