The Open Mobility Foundation organization has a variety of groups which fill different functions within the OMF community.  Some are Working Groups, where software design and development of the open source MDS platform happens. Others are OMF Committees that coordinate, investigate, and report on policies and issues important to the success of OMF. Others are for the governance and administration of OMF.

The OMF Collaboration site has a workspace for each group, where group members can use mailing lists, calendars and other tools. These workspaces are also called group on the OMF Collaboration site. There are also a main group for all OMF participants and a contributors group, for all those who have accepted an ICLA.

Governance and administration

Board of Directors
The principal governing body of the Open Mobility Foundation, representing the needs and interests of cities and transport organizations.

Technology Council
Sets and monitors the technical direction of OMF.

Foundation Staff
The Foundation Staff administers the operations of OMF.

Working Groups

Each OMF Working Group consists of a team of contributors, working together to design and implement open-source software. The program of work and the deliverables are established in the Working Group’s charter, and its work is overseen by the Working Group Steering Committee. New Working Groups will be chartered as necessary. Initially, there is one Working Group.

MDS Data Aggregation
Specify and develop the MDS Agency and Provider APIs, with plans for future data APIs.


Committees are established by the Board of Directors to investigate, coordinate, and report on a variety of topics related to the goals of OMF. Initially there are two Committees.

Foundation Advisory Committee
A forum in which the Foundation and its members can discuss and coordinate Foundation plans and activities with representatives of non-profit charitable, governmental and NGO organizations.

Public Trust and Transparency Committee
Reviews and develops policy  for appropriate transparency and data protection measures such as privacy, data retention, and anonymization.


Organizations which join OMF are categorized as Members. Individuals who participate in the work of OMF, such as creating software or drafting policy documents, are referred to as Contributors.