OMF Collective Fund Admin Committee

Drafts and supports administrative rules and procedures for maintaining an OMF Collective Fund. Parties may contribute to the fund to financially support work by individuals who are contributing to the Open Mobility Foundation, but are not directly funded by a Member. That support may take forms such as compensation for engineering or documentation work, or underwriting OMF activities such as travel scholarships to OMF meetings, or other lawful purposes defined by the policies.

The Committee will propose policies for approval by the Board of Directors, and those policies may define a role for the Committee to provide continuing review and support to the Collective Fund (such as by serving as application reviewers).


Draft policies and practices (for proposal to the Board of Directors) for the collection, solicitation and administration of Foundation Collective Fund.

Draft policies and practices (for proposal to the Board of Directors) for budgeting, application and selection processes for deployment of Foundation Collective Fund support.

Provide support, monitoring and assessment of the Foundation Collective Fund on an ongoing basis as may be provided in the policies approved by the Board.


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